January 05, 2005


Technology is grand but I am getting sick of trying to decide where to host pictures. I find Hello to not be very user friendly and so far, only helpful for putting a few pictures up here and there. I have photos in Yahoo photo albums but it's a pain in the ass and very slow. It keeps switching to default so it won't let you all see the pictures. I have some at shutterfly for friends and family to view or print, but I get a million sales emails and "hurry and buy your pictures before we delete them forever" messages. Should I try pbase? Do it myelf?

I started uploading at picture trail but it was like watching grass grow. It reminded me of the days when we used dial up. Then after waiting for what seemed like an eternity it would give me an error message where I would promptly hear the word F*** flying out of my mouth, sometimes over and over! I'm not given to crash words or swearing like some buddies of mine. It was rather startling for Richard.

He said yes. I didn't find it so cute at the moment, I had just "browsed" through hundreds of images to wait like 20 minutes for nothing! But that don't matter to him, he gets turned on when I'm mad. I just want to upload my pictures. Grrr.

We can't have me cursing at the computer monitor so I decided to try Flickr. I put up like 15 pictures and I have already reached my monthly limit. How amusing considering I have literally like 5,000 photos.