January 10, 2005

I Got Off My Butt & Lived

Mood- Sleepy *yawn*
Music- Alien Ant Farm- Courage

So last night, I got off my butt. Not saying I'm always on it or anything, but this time I ran.

Yep, finally starting using the treadmill and afterwards I felt like I was high, not that I'd know the feeling of being high. It was a very strange feeling, not your normal runners high. I used to get that when I was in track and for school. I'd feel like I was floating and could run and run. This time, even my head felt strange, and it was this whole equilibrium thing going on.

So I guess I will keep running cause I want to:

  1. Get into better shape and drop a few pounds
  2. Just to say I actually got on the thing
  3. Hear the funny sounds it makes (like someone is working a mattress ;-)
  4. Or get a cheap high

Welcome 2005, bring me closer to my Savior, a house, more sex, more muscle ( for good health), but not more bills, sick relatives, or cats. Oh, another car would be nice.