January 31, 2005

A Day in History

A day in my history

Our move to Milwaukee from San Diego 8 years ago this August.

Richard couldn't fly out with us, so I had to take the kids by myself. He came out 2 weeks later to help us buy a car, then again for the girls birthdays, and then for Thanksgiving. It wasn't until almost Christmas that he finally was able to move home with us.

What else do you eat for dinner after you move? Especially when you don't have any kitchen supplies or appliances. Our movers were a week late. So even though our rental was nice enough to leave a pasta gift basket, I couldn't even prepare it! We had pizza the first two days, I walked across the street to McDonalds the next, and finally I walked the kids across very busy streets to get easy to eat foods from a grocery store. I called a cab to take us home, only it never came. A very nice lady offered to bring us home since she noticed we were still outside waiting when she was done with her shopping.

The view from our DR Patio. Quite an improvement since before we were in a 2nd floor apartment facing another 2nd floor apartment

This hill was on the side of townhouse. We were an end unit. You would have thought we moved the kids to the country with as happy as they were. In reality, we were in N.W Milwaukee. I will say though, in San Diego we never had deer, rabbits, geese, squirrels, or chipmunks come through our yard before.

How come they never play this nice anymore? I had nightmares about that lake for a long time. It was very close to our Dr and Lr patios. Unlikes most of the units, we didn't have to pay extra for the view though.

Perfect picture for our 'we have moved' letter. Too bad I didn't get this roll developed until last year! Yep, that is right. Can you say procrastination or what?

These big city kids found a little bit of country in Milwaukee. Susie called it 'Mil-you-ack-ee' We moved just when the butterflies were coming in and this little patch here was full of them. Here you can see they are making wishes. 'Come home soon daddy'