February 01, 2005

My favorites and Preferences

Grooming Products

Shampoo -----At the moment, Dove
Moisturizer -- Neutrogena Sesame Oil for body, Oil of Olay Total effects for face and eyes
Perfume -----
Beautiful & Bath & Body stuff
Razor -------- whatever my husband has, I just keep using his
Toothbrush--- Sonic
Toothpaste-- Cinnamon Crest
Electronics----I don't have any really- I do have an unactivated Sprint cellphone. We have a Gamecube, Xbox, and two Dvd players. Does that count as electronics?
Computer --- A Hybrid. We have like 4 computers & a laptop, all of which are networked
Television ----A 36 inch Samung & a 20 inch RCA
Stereo -- ----- I don't have one at the moment. I have a Sony CD boombox


Sheets --------Egyptian Cotton
Coffee-maker -Black & Stainless Steel
Car -----------Windstar Minivan
Stationery -- --Am I suppose to have stationary?


Bottled water -Ice Mountain Delivery
Coffee -------- Ew, I drink chai tea, green tea, and hot cocoa
Alchol---------I don't drink much, but I'll take a Zima or Mike's hard lemonade now & then
Juice----------OJ or OJ mixed with Cranberry.
Pom Cherry & Pomegranite Juice is also yummy

Jeans ---------Levi's, LEI, Calvin Kleins- Whatever fits
T-shirt ------- Al kinds. Wearing an Old Navy one now
Briefcase ----- What do I need this for?
Sneakers ------Do people still call them sneakers? I have
skechers on at the moment I also wear New Balance
Watch ---------I don't own one (Maybe my friend Kathy will lend me her rolex? ;o)

Favorite Places

My Grandma Millie's in
Leota outside of Harrison
Balboa Park, CA- this is where my parents met and I practically grew up here. I took my kids there all the time too
Forest Falls, Ca &
Forest Home- Lots of good memories and it's just breathtaking
Holy Hill, Wisconsin- Gorgeous in Autumn
Kettle Moraine Forest- Both the
Northern & Southern Part -So beautiful
Menomonee Park- This park has it all.

Necessary Extravagance

Purses, handbags, digital cameras, Bath and Body, candles, lip gloss, mocha frappuchinos, and leather boots.