February 04, 2005

Lil' J Talks About God

Lil' J (4) has been in AWANA since he was 3. He has been in sunday school and children's church since he was 2. He's been at a Christian school since this September. We always talk to him about God, Jesus, and the Bible. I am just now though, starting to realize how much he's absorbing. It's amazing to see how much little minds can take in. Not just on matters of fact either.

When kids were talking about the tsunami at school, he was asking about it.

Lil' J: Mom, I am afraid of the ocean because a wave might swallow me.
Mom: Where did you learn that? ((Hugs)) Yes, the ocean can be dangereous but it can be lots of fun too.
Lil J: No, mom, it's bad. I'm scared, because (stutter) lots of people were swimming and got 'keeled' by waves. We prayed for them at school.
Mom: You did? That is wonderful, I didn't even know you were talking about it. (I certainly didn't bring it up, I figured, how would a 4.9 y/o understand this)

Then today he asked more questions.

Lil J': Mom, it's good to die isn't it? Because you get to meet Jesus. You get to go to heaven and see how tall Jesus is. I want to die mom, so I can see Jesus
Mom: No, no, we don't want you to die. (Uh, this is hard for me, I don't want to discourage his understanding, but I don't want to even think about his dying or hear him say that) We want you here. Yes, though, if you asked Jesus into your heart, and you are a Christian you will go be with Jesus.
Lil J: I'm a Christian, right mom? I asked Jesus into my heart.
Mom: Yes, you are!
Lil J': If I died, would you cry?
Mom: I would never stop crying Lil' J, let's not talk about that.
Lil J': (Stuttering) Would you cry a whole lot mom?
Mom: I would never stop crying, but I know you'd be with Jesus, and I'd see you again. Let's not talk about that. I am going to see you become an old, old man, and watch your kids grow up.
Lil J: Ewww, I don't want to be an old man. I'm going to live wif you foreber and eber.

Wow, I was not prepared for that. I was not prepared for his knowledge of the tsunami. I was not prepared for the depth of his spiritual faith and wisdom. And I was not prepared to even think about, let alone answer his what if question.