February 08, 2005

Happy Fat Tuesday

Today is Mardi Gras at M's school. She stayed home sick yesterday, and even though she didn't finished her Cherokee project, (why are my kids such underachivers this year?) she went in with her unfinished paper. I told her that since she stayed home sick yesterday and then chose to watch tv instead of working on it, (I know I should have forced her to, but I'm getting to where I just think they should just take the grade they deserve without me sitting on top of them), then she's going anyways and she can just tell her teachers that tv is more important to her then school. Ugh. Technically, I think she should have to stay home from Mardi Gras, right? But then it's her last year so that would suck. However, on the other hand I say to myself, but she needs to take responsibility sometime?

Each year her school has a Mardi Gras party. Tons of beads are passed out, and there's a costume contest, good food, games, prizes, and dancing. This is her last year at French Immersion so she has to go, you know. She invited her best friend, who left FIS last year. Lil' J loves going because it gives him a chance to wear his super hero costumes. S loves going because there's food. J (14.5) used to like going for the games. Now he whines about going anywhere with us, unless his best friend can come. R always stands around looking like he'd rather be at the dentist, I'm always running the game booths.

I have to admit, when I moved here to this area I had no idea what Mardi Gras was about (except a wickedly fun party in New Orleans). I found this link, What is Fat Tuesday?, check it
out for yourself. Holiday Insights: Fat Tuesday looks good too, with more information on the religious side of Fat Tuesday. I didn't grow up going to church really, and since I'm not Catholic or Lutheran I didn't know much about Lent or any of it.