February 10, 2005

Lil' J a future violinist?

This is the wife of the youth pastor at our church. She is an amazing violin teacher. Here lil' J learns all the 'body' parts for the violin, and how to handle it carefully. He listens attentively.

He's watching her learn how to relax and stretch, and tries it out.

Here, she tries to show which direction he'll be looking..

He's learning how to hold the violin with his head. I have to take some pictures of what that looks like. He had to walk around the room, with his hands in his pocket while holding the violin with his head only. So many kids get stiff necks and arms, because they aren't taught their head is heavy enough to hold the violin.

Perfect form. What you can't see, is that she's only helping to make sure the violin is in its proper place. He's actually holding it up with his head, while his hands are in his pocket. This was his first lesson and I was very impressed by her methods. Mooch had a different teacher that never showed her how to do this.