February 26, 2005

2nd Place at Awana games

The girls had the Awana games today, formally known as the Awana olympics. They are in Truth and Training. They got second place, with only a difference of 5 points! It was 35-30 for 1st and 2nd. The games are held at Elmbrook church, which looks more like a mini college. We went there once a few years ago, and I had to sign the kids in and out of Sunday school and the kids had to wear bracelets that matched a number on the form.

Mooch and Snoo did awesome. Snoo hit the pin on her 3rd lap of 5, so she was way bummed out. I told her beforehand to watch the pin. I was always great at the relays, and rarely hit the pin. She kept saying she wanted to stay close to the line though, or she'd be 'running extra laps' if she stayed too far out. I didn't say, I told you so, they all did great and had fun.

She did mention it to me afterwards, and I just told her that you can't run 'extra laps', just by leaning out farther from the line. I know that doesn't make sense but she's not always the most logical. She was very enthusiatic and a great sport this year though. She did a great job and we told her so.

I then told her that next time, to stick closer to the line, concentrating only on the line, watching for the colored pins, and then lean out when you're going past the pin, and lean back in when you go past it. She said, "Ah, I got it! Ok, next year I'm doing that."

To be picked to do the 5 lap relay usually means you're fast and have endurance. For her to be picked is quite a complement because usually she is super clutzy and slow. She's come such a long way since her early days of developmental delays. She kicked butt in the balloon relay, hitting the balloon repeatedly to our side.

Mooch is usually the fastest girl, and one of the most competitive. She's been wanting to win since Sparks. Especially the year when she was the best on the team, and was totally ready, and we got the time mixed up and showed up after Sparks had their games. We were all crushed and I felt so bad. She had been bugging us to leave and go, and we ran a few errands thinking we knew when to be there. They had to grab some other girls to fill in for her. Her leader was so bummed as well since she was positive Mooch would have brought them to 1st place.

Another one of their friends was one of the fastest this year, and she looked like she was ready to box someone. She had this fierce look of, get outta my way, everytime she was up for a game or relay. Mooch got bummed when she dropped the bean bag during one of the relays. Mooch was the one throwing them to the girls, they catch it and throw it back, then Mooch throws it to the next girl, and so on until the last girl gets it and runs to grab the pin. She's pretty hard on herself when it happens, but they did their past and that is what matters. That and they have fun and play fair. One year, one of the teams was cheating and many of us were very upset the referrees didn't notice or disqualify them.

The 1st place team is usually the 1st place team each year and I swear their girls are amazons. It's like they pick the largest of the girls or ones that have been retained two grades. They all look more like 7th graders then 3rd-6th. We had to borrow some girls from First Alliance church since we never have enough girls to qualify for a team. Last year, our girls didn't even compete. I have no idea why so many of our girls aren't able to come, but I think it's a mixture of other activities and indifference. With the addition of some wonderful girls from First Alliance church, we had 3 Rachel's on the team. So, when they were all running in one of the relays it was easy to cheer them on. We just all screamed, Rachel!!! ;o)

It was a great awana games for us. The girls did so well. The relays they lost was only because they were a few steps behind in grabbing the winning pin in the middle. The boys of Truth and Training grabbed 1st place at 39 points. Richard had suggested to the leader at the end of last year, that the boys should have to play all the Awana games each club night. Then if they had time, they could play dodgeball. Richard was a leader for the Truth and Training boys, until we stopped going there in October. Richard wasn't sure if they stuck with the plan, but it was obvious they did by how well they played today. I asked the girls if the boys have been playing the games at each club and they said yes. Richard smiled big, I know he's very proud of the boys and misses helping with them. He went and bought dress shoes and we're going to start going again tomorrow. We'll see how it goes though since we've said that a few times already.