February 27, 2005

Please pray for Josiah!

For an up to date look at Josiahs progress and prayer requests visit his father's blog.

Little Josiah Atchison is at Children's Hosptial and in need of our prayers. He's the oldest son of Dan Atchison and Maria Atchison, whom are directors of Clearwater Master's Commission. I do not know this family personally, but I'm a mother of a four year old boy. I'm also their sister in Christ. I share in their dream of healthy children. Children with a future and a hope.

I came across this site a bit ago by another Christian blogger. After reading through, looking at the pictures of little Josiah, I knew I had to pray for him. It's my privledge to do so. I can't even imagine the difficulties and emotions they face. Our God is an awesome God though, and He is able to do mighty things. I urge you to join me in constant and consistent prayer for this family.

Also, please join the prayer chain, learn more about this little guy, his family, and the very specific prayers requests the family has. Don't forget to allow for the pop-ups on that site.

If you know of any others that need prayer, please post and I will pray for them.