February 22, 2005

Back from the memorial

I'll update more later, and eventually share some of my journal entries while I was there. We left Friday at 11:15a, and arrived at my aunts, in Andover, at about 5:30p. The memorial for my grandma (my mom's mom) was at 10am on Saturday at Word of Life church in Coon Rapids. Judy Anderson opened up with prayer. She was one of my grandmas favorites. Then my grandpa spoke a few words & shared 5 of their favorite love songs. Four of them from the soundtrack of Sleepless in Seattle. Orville Hieb finished the memorial service after my grandpa shared his stories and memories, and each of their 8 kids did as well. My grandma was very close friend's with Orville's wife, Sherida.

Yes, I did say we, as it was decided we would all just go as a family and I am glad we did. It was a very expensive two nights, but I have to say, it was worth it. I'm glad I decided to go, and that we all went. We were blessed by it, and I finally 'got it'. I'll post more later, about what I mean.

The car that we originally were supposed to rent wasn't available, so we had the Dodge Ram with 4 wheel drive instead. Richard has decided he wants a truck now. ;o) It sure did come in handy on the drive home as it snowed the whole day. We counted at least 17 cars in the ditch from the Andover area to Milwaukee. We got home safe, without any trips off the road.

$18o for the rental truck.
$180 for the hotel stay at
AmericInn (great place by the way)
$100 on snacks & swimsuits since we forgot the suits
$100 on gas
$40 on shoes & pantyhose (Ok,very forgetful)
$50 on breakfast

Being with your family and celebrating the life of a woman that truly loved the Lord Jesus, Priceless.

God is good.