February 11, 2005

Embryonic stem cell research

I don't want to blog about the ongoing debate over the topic of ESCR. I do want to say though that I believe the wonderful treatments that umbilical cord stem cells, and adult stem cells are offering is greatly under recognized. We all the time hear about the potential of embryonic stem cells, but very little about the other side of it. I think both sides of the debate, are often too caught up to look at the people, behind the subject. There will always be moral and ethical questions and I know this. There is still also a lot to learn, risks, and concerns.

I periodically receive emails from the Life Issues Institute, Inc.

I received this story, and was very encouraged. For all the strange and sometimes scary procedures that are going on in the medical and research world today, it's wonderful to see an outcome such as this. For me, it transports the topic from an ethical debate of the, 'right and left', and puts a face on it. It's amazing to see people that were once paralyzed, walk. I'm curious as to where you all stand on this issue?

Child with Cerebral Palsy Who Could Not See or Speak Does Both Following Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

Adam Susser was asphyxiated at birth and as a result was cortically blind (the cortex or cerebral cortex of the brain is affected, causing blindness) with quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

Gary and Judy Susser were married for seven years before Judy became pregnant with twins. Both boys, Brandon and Adam, spent two weeks in neonatal intensive care. They took them home and thought everything was fine. It wasn't. Adam was starved of oxygen and suffered severe brain damage, While basking in the joy new babies bring, Gary and Judy Susser had to come to terms with having a child with special needs.

Recently the Sinclair Broadcast Group produced and aired a 5 minute video news segment concerning the promise and utility of umbilical cord stem cell therapy. The video news segment visually documents the remarkable response of Adam Susser to umbilical cord stem cell therapy. Adam was blind and could not speak prior to receiving human umbilical cord stem cells. He now can both see and speak.

This 5 minute segment is now available online for viewing at no charge. To View the video: Click here scroll down to item # 12, and select "Watch a Stem Cell Video".