February 23, 2005

This house is sick

Everyone here is sick, sick, sick.

Some of us aren't feeling very good either.

I think there's dirt in my throat again. My friend Linda will laugh at me, but that's how it feels. I ordered pizza to stuff our faces while we pity ourselves. They messed up our order of course, so we are waiting on the second pizza. In the mean time, I'm sucking on the jalapenos
Papa John's puts into the boxes. Mama mia, I think I can breathe again.

I still have to call the mechanic about our van. But that would involve also calling AAA to come tow it, which means I'd have to brush my hair and put some clothes on. I think I'll sit and watch Sleepless in Seattle with my pizza instead.

Or maybe Meet the Parents. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? Little House? If only I had Little Women on DVD.

Hmmpf. Cough. Sniff.