February 09, 2005

To my readers..about SITB post

I wanted to mention something to my blog readers. I got an email saying it seemed inappropriate that as a Christian woman I had links about sex, or sexuality on my blog. It could be considered offensive, and not family friendly. Last time I checked, it was sex that resulted in the family in the first place. I thought about it. I prayed about, and I stand by my links. It's something that is important to me. I feel that more women should know that they too can have great sex, that it's good for them as well, and that it's not shameful to talk about it. I had a nice neighbor lady (LDS) that once told her daughter that sex would hurt, be a bit awkard, then you got a baby. I thought, how pathetic is that? That is not the kind of 'birds and the bees' discussion I want with my daugthers.

I just think more women should know they can be sexy, sensual, and satisfied in bed with their husbands, and it's not contary to being motherly, or a 'pious' woman, nor is it less important.

My blog is a personal blog and sometimes I will share personal things. I might share posts about my family, faith, thoughts, and nothing interesting at all. If it offends you that I talk about sex, I'm sorry that you feel that way, but I'm not embarrassed about it.