February 04, 2005

The Other Sock

Seriously. Where does it end up? This morning Mooch was wearing a lime green sock with a pink & white striped sock. Yesterday I was wearing two white socks. The fact that they were different then each other didn't matter. At least they were matching in color. They were even the same height, call it my lucky day!

Once I found a black sock behind the dryer. That's an easy given. I even found one in lil J's toybox. Ok, that's two. Where are the other 20?

I was thinking how embarrassed they might be if they had to take their shoes off in front of people. Not just because their feet stink either. (Oh my goodnits, J's whole room smells like stinky feet/wet dog). I was thinking though, there has to be another child with mismatched socks not due to color blindness.

Richard is always saying he never has any socks. I wash them. Where are they going? Is there a burmuda triangle for socks? Maybe I have evil sock thieving trolls that sneak off with them. Are the mice making fluffy pillow beds? Ah ha! It's the sock monkeys. Yes, that has to be it. They end up in the hands of people who actually want a lone sock. I never thought people actually made sock monkeys here is the proof. I guess if you can sew, which I can't, you can stop waiting for the other sock to show up, and make your own sock monkey. Tchah, I'd rather just cough up more money, and get some new ones. I just pretend I am good at crafts.

I want our socks back!! Grrr. Where does the other sock go? Do you have a theory for me? I'm running out of ideas.