June 04, 2005

Blog changes & updates

I'm currently in serious pursuit of a better template. It has been nice while it lasted but it's time to move on to something more aesthetic and reader friendly.

I know I should just make my own, but I'm too much of a perfectionist to do so without driving myself nuts. I could easily end up starving to death at the computer as I would never be able to get up until it was JUST right. Just one more minute..just one more tinker..just one more adjustment.. Heh.

My ideal would be a black background, with the body of the main posting area white in color and about 3/4 in size. I'd like the remaining area for the sidebar.

I'd like a nice title area, with images representing Metamorphosis and my trademark butterfly. On the bottom of the title bar I'd like an area for my email, about me, photo links, and all my other narcissistic buttons. Yes, I know. Picky, particular me.

I dislike blogs that have a lot of image design, with a tiny little narrow area for reading. This won't work when my entries are longer. Whenever I'm shopping for templates I want to pick and choose from 10 different styles to get the one I'd like. I want it the Burger King way at Top Ramen prices.

Dr Phil would ask the ever so famous line, "How's that working for ya?" Well, sir, it's not, since I'm still subjecting my friends and readers to this very boring and crowded template. Sigh.

For that I apologize, can you ever forgive me? Ok, good. Phew.

I also know I have to get rid of most of my blinkies. It's just too much, but I love them. I like shiny. I like sparkly. I like their messages. But I shall divorce myself from them a little at a time. :o(

I've been cleaning up my blogroll if you haven't noticed. I'm sorry if you made the axe, but it was only because you either aren't posting, the links dead, or you smell bad. ;o) More will be adding over the next few weeks so its all good.

Here are new additions:

Christine from Welcome to my Brain is a recent blogroll addition. She shares some of my feelings about parenting and faith. In fact, one of her comments conceived the title for my new blog, Bare Naked Christian Ladies.

I have been thinking about creating a new blog for months now. Because I'm both a mommy blog, and an evangelical blog, my theme is often eclectic. I'm also writing for me, and sharing my life with my friends. (Who don't always share my conservative views) It seemed time to have a new platform for sharing my faith, and thoughts on being an evangelical women in today's world. I'm looking forward to having other BNCL contributors and learning from each other.

Fictures has had me on his blogroll for like ever. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to recipricate. He enjoyed some of my photography from flickr, and added me as a contact. Then from there he added my blog on his blogroll. I've been admiring his photographs for awhile as well. He's got a great eye for shots, and I like his unique style of photoblogging. He seems to be behind though. Come now....time to update.

Misty at Misty's Random Thoughts is a mommy blog I've been reading lately. She's a writer as well. She found my blog (not sure where from) and left a comment. I find I share a lot of commonalites with her and I love her down to earth style of blogging.

Of course, I added BNCL to my blogroll. Thanks for all the positive feedback, and I look forward to other ladies joining and writing as well.

Other changes:

1. Pictures on my sidebar as well as personal tidbits.

2. I joined the 'Blogs that Flickr' webring.

2. Technorati search (I seem to get a lot of traffic from searches there, and figured I'd try out the beta search box

As well as other piddly things. Over the next few weeks I'll be adding new blogs, additional links, and hopefully a new template that is 'me'.

Over the last two weeks I've watched my TTLB status change numerously, at first I didn't even know why I even had it. Someone suggested I joined TTLB quite a ways back so I did. Now every time I turn around I've evolved into a different bug, microbe, or creature.

Then I noticed when I had 300 hits in one day it changed. That's when I said, 'Aha', so that's what it dones. It tracks my blog traffic. Yes, folks, I can be that slow. *smacks self upside the head* My counter is past 6000 now, and since I'm obviously not very observational lately, I didn't even plan ahead to have a "6000" blog party. *Pout* Oh well..

Have a great weekend!!