June 21, 2005

No Sexy Pantyhouse for you!!!

OK, OK, I get it. You think it's funny to google idiotic phrases in order to get my blog to come up?

Enough already. First it was an obsession with goodnites, and now it's
sexy pantyhouse. In your defense, (whoever you are) there are other dork's that are searching sexy pantyhouse. (I get an average of 5 hits a day from this, and many with the same IP address. So, I'm not totally paranoid...I know your out there, with an evil cackle)

But clearly, there can't be that many bad spellers. Or dorks. Can there? Maybe I'm lucky & I'm not being stalked but there's just a bunch of people with typos worse then mine.

Or a
re you my UK lurker? If so I thank you for dropping the poop goodnites crap. That was getting quite irriating. Delurk already and stop with the games. I promise I won't bite. (Hard)

UPDATE- You win, I'm #1 for yahoo now when it comes to sexy pantyhouse. Satisfied now? But did you happen to notice this:

Did you mean:


Metamorphosis: Sexy Pantyhouse

Can you even spell? Is this the internets retarded version of calling my house, asking if my fridge is running, and then giggling....why dontcha go catch it then? Or are you just trying to drive me nuts? Don't bother, it's a short drive. One I'm very willing to bring you along with. :o)

Come now, move on to something else. This is getting old. Didn't you know that searching for sexy pantyhouse was so yesterday? Tchah..