June 01, 2005

I'm baaaa-ck

It was a nice break, even it was a working weekend. (my grandma had like 15 year old leaves and dead branches piled in her back yard. Not to mention an outhouse that was falling apart)

The drive on Friday totally sucked. Chicago was congested as usual. I try never to drive through Chicago, let alone Memorial weekend. R is tired of going up and over though, so he got this clever idea from a co-worker to go through waukegan to avoid the tolls and cut down on some time. It wasn't so clever, but we made it safe.

Big mistake. Not so clever either. It was a big waste of time. We did take the sky way and that was alright. We left here at noon and didn't get to grams house until like 10p. It should have been around 8 hrs. Yep, we wasted like 2 hrs going through Chicago.

We kicked butt though this weekend and got lots of work done. My grandma is smoking like a chimney since grandpa died on May 2nd. I've always know she still snuck a cigarette now and then, but now it's ridiculous. There's an ashtray by her chair even & she's constantly lighting up. No surprise that she was hacking and coughing like a TB patient. I told her she needs to knock that off, she hasn't smoked like that in forever and her body isn't used to it. She for once didn't argue, but agreed, so hopefully she'll stop.

My 40's something cousin (grandma's sister's daughter) brought up her computer, and a calling card so R could dial in and help her with an AOL update. Blech. I Told her to ditch aol and get a real internet service. It took forever to download, and kept getting disconnected when people tried to call the house. She knew he was coming out & wanted him to fix her pc.

Anytime anyone knows that he's a computer whiz, they try to bring their sick pcs for a check up. He says 9 out of 10 times it's a user error. Oh well, he looked at it it, and that made her happy. I think she drove my grandma nuts though & she kept rearranging the cupboards. The kids got to play with a cousin, (11 y.o boy) so they were pysched.

Sunday in between working we went into town for a Walravens ice cream, and to take pictures for my friend who airbrushes tattoos. There was a car show in town, so she wanted me to take pictures of their work at the booth they had. I didn't have a close up lense on me, so they aren't that good. Sigh. Squishy got a complimentary spider man tattoo though. He thought he was way cool.

Check back for pics, I just wanted to update really quick.