June 17, 2005

My head HURTS

That would make it a headache. No, more like a brain ache. Does my head hurt or is it my brain? And since I'm blogging nonsense I might as well admit that I hate the word brain. Yes, that was totally in left field, but I do. It's a creepy word. Brain. Eww. Brain. Ick. The word gives me the willies.

I can't sleep either. I hate insomnia, I never know if it's a blessing in disquise or the beginning of my downward spiral into insanity. Which at times isn't a very long spiral. It would be more like a little loop-de-loo into loopyland.

I'm rambling, and you probably don't care. Well, most of you at least, and I don't blame you. Oh, and I just smelled pretzels out of no where. Now I have this incredible craving for salted pretzels dipped in chocolate. Sigh.