June 29, 2005

De-lurking weekend

Here you go, it's your chance to de-lurk, say Hi, and share your blog with me. If you've linked me, why don't you let me know so I can check your place out.

I'm heading out to Harrison, MI until Tuesday. Granny misses us. (this actually means she has work for us to do, but it's all good)

I'm so, so, so looking foward to getting out of this house. The sink is leaking down into the basement, the cat keeps peeing everywhere, (no amount of lysol can remove the stench of mildew & cat urine) and I'm actually beginning to take pleasure in ant killing.

I see ice cream, parades, s'mores, sparklers, picnics, hammocks, watermelon, swinging in the sun, swimming, homecooking, and the price is right in my future. Woo hoo. Oh yeah.

Should I leave tonight instead? Then I could let the kids watch some movies, force them to sleep all night (dramimine) and be there in time for homemade biscuits. Mmmm.

Stay tuned for pictures, and stories of my hill billy relatives. If you can't laugh with them, you can laugh at them.

To my girls, miss ya, I'll catch up when I get back. Have a safe weekend everyone!