June 07, 2005

Mom, will you marry me?

Mom, are you looking forward to marrying someone else? (I'm taken a back by both his question, and his vocabulary)

Me: No, no, why would you ask me that?
Squishy: Because sometimes you get angry at daddy. I don't like when you're mad at my dad.
Me: What do you mean? What do I get angry at him about?
Squishy: I don't know

........He says this as he's rinsing something in the sink. What I do not know, because I'm not allowed to go in the kitchen. He's preparing us a picnic lunch. I heard the mention of peanut butter though, and something about needing a blue lid.

Me: Well, aren't you going to tell me what you mean? (R & I rarely fight, but we tease constantly)
Squishy: Hold on mom, I have to change my shirt because I got a widdle bit of peanut butter on my shirt and I had to rinse it off.

He runs upstairs and returns topless.

Squishy: I'm looking forward to getting married soon. Know who I'm going to marry?
Me: I don't know, who?
Squishy: YOU!! (Said with a sly grin)
Me: You silly boy, I can't marry you.
Squishy: So, are you looking forward to marrying me?
Me: Squishy.......(I'm laughing) I can't..
Squishy: Mom just say it, are you?
Me: You know I can't marry you, I'm married to your daddy. Plus you're my Squishy. I thought you were going to marry Laney?

(R's goddaughter. He whispered into my ear last month, "Mom, I have a secret. Don't tell anyone, but I'm going to marry Laney.")

Squishy: I don't want to marry her anymore. I want to marry my mama. I wuf my mom, she's so beautiful. That's why I'm making her food. I'm making good food. Really yummy, yummy food, that she'll like so much. She'll say, "heheheheh, this is really yummy food." Stay there mama, don't peek. Your sandwich is coming right up
Me: Yum. So, tell me how I'm mean to daddy? Like how?
Squishy: I don't know, but I still wuf you very, very much, and you're beautiful. My beautiful gorgeous mommy. Mom, I like the way you kiss daddy. Muah-muah-muah. Muaaaaaaaaaah. You give the best kisses. So that's why I want to get married soon. I want to marry you. So mom, are you looking forward to marrying me? Your handsome son?
Me: (Laughs) Squishy, you're so cute.
Squishy: YAY, I think she's going to marry me.

He's been in the dining while I'm in the livingroom. I can't look at him at all. He leaves to get me a 'tiny soda'. (8oz can of Pepsi)

Squishy: I'm doing so much to make you a beautiful wunch. For you and me. You'll like it so much. Mom, how do you get this to closed?

I look over & he's trying to shut last seasons (Bob the Builder is passe now) purple lunch box. The problem? The sandwich is hanging out of the lunch box, almost cut in half.

Squishy: I need your help, but don't look yet mom, please don't open the box.

I close my eyes, pop it open, plop the sandwich back in, and hand the box back.

Squishy: Mom, you're so smart. You're magical. You can do that with your eyes closed. Ok mom, wunch coming right up for mama. Here's your sandwich my beautiful, wonderful mom.

Then he looks at his sandwich.

Oh, no!! I forgot to cut my crusts off. I'll be back.

He goes into the kitchen, cuts the crust off and returns. "You can have my crust. See, I cut them just for you. If you're really nice to me, you can have this big crust too."

Me: Why thank you. I love the crust.
Squishy: I know mom. Bon appeit. (He learned that from his new favorite book, I love you stinky face)

Squishy makes me lunch
My beautiful wunch. Note, the lightsaber spoons

Proud boy
Proud little Chef

Cereal beware
Cereal Beware. Lightsaber spoon Squishy does have. Escape uneaten you will not

Corn pops
mmm corn pops. Guess he couldn't find the blue lid, so he improvises

Drinking corn pops?
When you can't find the blue lid, naturally you use the water bottle top. What, don't you drink your corn pops? On second thought, is he reminiscing over his nursing days? He was a late weaner.

Ah, this memory will be in my heart & mind forever. What could be sweeter then your little boy in love with you?