June 10, 2005

"Shot gun wh*re"

That just came out of the mouth of my sweet handsome son. The one that is so thoughtful and romantic, he makes me a beautiful wunch to woo me into matrimony.

Yes, that same son just said, "shot gun wh*re" into the microphone while playing xbox live. My husband lets him play, much to my disliking, and apparently other players don't like being beaten by a 5 y.o.

When J wants to be a game shark he'll have squishy say into the mic, "hey, be easy on me, I'm only 5 years old." How can they be ruthless to a little gamer just trying to have 15 minutes of big boy fun?

Until they hear him shout, "shot gun wh*re!"

Then the other day Squishy told me that J was being a "nazi" and wouldn't let him play and he was a "poser".

Good lord my sweet little guy just cussed, that's it, the xbox is being banned! I'm going to be the bad cop parent. R just usually laughs when people get annoyed at getting beat by a 5 y.o, or tells him not to let them know he's 5.

Squishy isn't usually allowed to play Halo or live xbox. If he does, he doesn't get the headset, but today he did. He watches big brother & his friends. He so wants to be like them. How come so many dads let the little boys play these games? I just want him to draw widdle trees, alligators, and super heros.

Hmm, since its in vogue to blame others.... Maybe Squishy has been secretly hanging around
Adri's boys.

(Oh, and just what exactly is a shot gun wh*re? Anyone know?)