June 28, 2005

Dear Tom, shut up!

(Up until now, I've had no desire to blog about Tom Cruise. Before he was just an annoying celebrity, but now he's a total whack job)

Hey, Tom, I have never speculated, or cared about whether or not you are gay. I take no part in the paparazzi that hunts you down by not buying magazines about you. Why would I want to read that you're just as dysfunctional as I am, only richer.

I could have cared less if you divorced your insanely beautiful wife just before the legal cut off to avoid giving her %50 of your assets. It was a nasty thing to do, but none of my business.

Even when I saw you flip out on
Oprah, and thought to myself-wow, I thought Scientologist's were against drugs-- whether legal or prescribed--so why has he been huffin' paint?-even so, I made no judgments about your obnoxious crack head behavior. Hey, if you're sprung over a girl young enough to be your daughter after stalking watching her in Batman Begins, that's your prerogative.

Even though you're a Scientologist, (which we all know is a crazy concept started by a man that admitted he wanted to create a religion that would make him rich) I don't care. I'm fairly tolerant of others beliefs. If you want to believe that 75 million years ago, some alien galactic ruler named Xenu who was supreme ruler of 76 over populated planets, that's your business. Even if you think Xenu audited all of them to pay taxes, with the plan of injecting them with alcohol & glycol until they were frozen, who am I to tell you how stupid and foolish that sounds?

OK, I'll admit, when Xenu then took all these frozen people and sent them off into space in ships that looked like airplanes with rocket engines, I started thinking you are one beer short of a 12 pack. Do alien gods drink beer? But again, to each their own.

I mean, I believe that Jesus is God's son. "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever shall believe in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life," (Jn 3:16) I am a woman of faith, and I respect others beliefs. But aliens injecting tax delinquents and sending them off to earth as a punishment?

Now, that takes some faith. And a lot of brainwashing.

But when you, an actor, start acting like a know-it-all brain doctor, I have problems with you. Who are you to say, that people don't truly suffer from

Who are you to say that there's no such thing as a chemical imbalance. (Hmm, doesn't being injected with alchohol and gycol until you're frozen and thumped into outerspace, account for something of an imbalance, hey?)

Who are you to say that ADHD doesn't exist? Come live in my house for 24 hours. Try and sit and help my intelligent, yet extremely distractable, disorganized, forgetful child, with their homework for five hours, only to see them go to school and forget to turn it in, because they forgot it was even in their backpack and tell me they just need vitamins.

Who are you to say that vitamins are a cure all and replacement for sanity saving medication? Who are you to say that all psychiatric drugs are evil and should never be taken? You KNOW that all prescriptions drugs are bad?
Let's hope none of your kids ever need any. You might make them sweat their diabetes away.

There are about 13 to 14 million people suffering from a depressive disorder. Tell them it's a false reality. What should they do then? Wish it away? Go see one of your movies for a quick distraction? Or detox in a Scientology sweat room?

Oh, by the way, when you grow a vagina, squeeze out a little being with a head the size of a cantaloupe, sleep for only ten minutes at a time, go through a major hormonal overall in a matter of days, nurse a baby with cracked nipples, THEN you can comment on PPD. Is that happening anytime soon O' Tommy boy? I didn't think so...

But I guess you a good reason to be both stupid and a little crazy, you know, since you were injected with that odd chemical compound so you could be frozen and sent to earth to be punished as a cute, millionaire. That must have been rough. Well, at least for your subconcious, because I doubt you remember much of that trauma, being as though you're living the high life with millions of fans goo-goo-gaaing over your dimpled smile. Or was that your alien ancestor that suffered banishment? Or is that really us in an alternate reality? Confused Tom? I am. I think I need a turn in that sauna of yours.

I don't feel sorry for you though. Your fame, beautiful women and millions of dollars should help you cope, no? That's something your average depression sufferer doesn't have. Nor do most parents have your millions of dollars to get the finest doctors, specialists, behavioral therapies, brain spects and tutors. Too bad for them I guess. Especially if they can't afford vitamins either.

Hmm, maybe if Ron. L. Hubbard had sought helped for his obvious schizophrenic delusions people like you wouldn't be paying millions of dollars to a "religious" society whose basis is the redemption of all those spirits of frozen aliens that were just trying to pay their taxes abd got dumped to planet Earth as punishment.

Then they were forced to watch 3D movies that implanted a false reality (what we "earthlings" apparently live in today) and had to attached themselves to us. So, this would be the root cause of this false reality we live in? (eAnd YOU are talking down to others, about "drugs". Do you hear voices, Tom? See the virgin Mary in your cornflakes?)

Dude. Puhlease. Step away from the crack pipe. Who are you fooling here?

I've known friends and family with
depression. I've suffered myself. I have two kids with ADHD. One with Tourette Syndrome. I know what it's like to see them struggle. I know all too well what it's like to have smart, talented, creative children barely get by in school because they can't stay focused, can't remember, organize anything, or absorb the knowledge they need to in order to move confidently from one educational concept to the next. Don't sit and tell me that we're being glib.

"Matt, Matt, you don't even — you're glib," Cruise responded. "You don't even know what Ritalin is. If you start talking about chemical imbalance, you have to evaluate and read the research papers on how they came up with these theories, Matt, OK. That's what I've done."

You say, "I know the
history of psychiatry and you don't." Wow, Tom, do divulge this secret knowledge you have that we don't.

God forgive me, but you need to SHUT UP. Move on. Do what you do best. Make millions of dollars for playing make believe, charter your private jet so you can fly off to Paris, fill up on decadent delicacies, drive your fancy cars, and go to bed in your multi-million dollar house or $7,500 per night suites.

But leave neurology, medicine, parenting, and the business of Xenu God to those more qualified than yourself!

Oh and by the way, I still respect your right to believe what you will, even if I think it's a load of crap, but let me just say speaking as a Christian, there's NO way you can be a Scientologist and a Christian.

""Scientology is something that you don't understand. It's like you could be a Christian and be a Scientologist." What a load of crapola. You should just stop talking, unless your lines are scripted.

"It is a religion. Because it's dealing with the spirit. You as a spiritual being. It gives you tools you can use to apply to your life."

Uh, no. Being a Christian and a Scientologist is like being a human being and an alien spirit at the same time. Hello? It's impossible. Try that for false reality. Which spirit is Scientology dealing with anyways? Mine or the spirit of the alien attached to me from Xenu's planet?

Cause if you're talking beliefs, my God is the Creator of this universe and the Earth I dwell on is His Creation. He's the Alpha and Omega. The First and the Last. There is none before Him. There is no tyrant with a devious plan to handle over population by freezing the bodies of aliens, brainwashing their spirits into believing in some "false reality" on the Earth they were dumped on. I think playing make believe for a living is the source of YOUR "false reality" pretty boy.

If you want to to make more ignorant statements which include my faith, let's talk religion, Tom. I believe the only One to come to this Earth that can be considered "non human" is the
Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Immanuel. God with us. He's both fully God and fully man. And the only spirit attaching itself to me is the Holy Spirit. I'll accept that reality any day over your gobbly gook.

This is America though, and I'm glad that you have the right to believe in nonsense. Not all my family or friends believes what I do. That's OK. You even have a right to preach your ridiculous theory about naughty alien life before mankind corrupting all earthlings religion. But you do not have a right to add to the shame and guilt that your fellow alien spirits, human beings suffering from depression, anxiety and neurological abnormalites endure. Do them all a favor and stick to your day job.

Don't worry though, I'll still see your movie,
War of the Worlds, because Steven Spielberg is one fine director.

Now I'm off to take my vitamins, because I'm having violent visions of smacking you over the head with a frying pan.