August 04, 2005

Big Brother Rant- Vote Kaysar

I admit it. I'm totally into the show this year. My husband turned me on to the show two years ago so it's his fault. A girl needs a distraction from the dirty dishes, heh?

This is the first season though where I've really had to watch it. Yet, it's totally aggravating to me. I want to reach into the TV set and smack some people.

For one, James has no kahunas whatsoever, so the only way he can play the game is to be an annoying, lying snake who disses his own girl. Don't get me started on Sarah, she's playing the game like a dunce.

Oh James, I can't be without James. What will I do without my James? I have to save James! James is so misunderstood. I'm such a dumb girlfriend. I'm so sorry, did I mess up? Did I make the wrong choice? How should I wipe my own hiney, dear James?

She's not Sarah, she's James' girlfriend.

During tonights HOH competition I couldn't contain myself.

Take out James. Take out Sarah. God forbid Sarah should win, she can't think for herself. She'll spend all her money on self-help books.

And what's with this Cappy garbage? Eric wasn't any good at playing the game. He just knew how to run a militant day care center. No little man is going to tell me when I've had enough ice cream. Unless the fool wants to get his butt kicked.

Eric was SO important in the house? How so?

Can we have a moment people. Please, can I get everyone's attention...

No, as a matter of fact you can't. Bite me. Blech.

Don't get me started on Yvette. What's with the evil people always winning BS?

The houseguests didn't come in from the dark side, they just split off into little cliques which is bound to happen when one of the criteria for BB is an emotional IQ of twelve years old. Yet Yvette has some sort of sad, pathetic, misquided, CAPPY IS THE STAR OF MY UNIVERSE complex. Puke.

Where's Cappy? I need Cappy.. I can't think for myself without Cappy.

Cut the Cappy crap. Be quiet already.

What's with the weak chics this year anyways?

And did Yvette get rejected by one too many blonde Barbie lesbians? She's totally got it out for Janelle and as far as I can see it's all some personal hang up.

I so want Janelle to win HOH soon. I think she may be the only woman in the house who can think for herself and kick some booty.

Listen America, if you vote for Cappy Eric to come back into the house, you seriously need your TV priveleges taken away. NO TV FOR YOU!!!

Yes, I know, it's sad I seem to care so much. A girl needs a distraction sometimes. That said, carry on.