August 15, 2005

A First Sleepover

How can I say no to LiL' J when he's asked so nicely if the neighbor boy can spend the night?

Even though I have serious doubts that
at five he's truly ready for his first sleepover.

Even though I have a peculiar rule of limiting friendships with neighbor's children.

Even though LiL' J is still regularly sleeping in our bed.

Even though this boy is eight and is probably over here in large part because of LiL' J's cool toys, gamecube and big brother's xbox.

LiL' J has watched his brothers friends stay the night over and over. He's watched his sister's friends stay the night over and over. He's watched them all leave for sleepovers and he's begged to go with them.

He's wanted so badly to be a part of sleepovers that when their friends are over he hangs out with them until I hear, MmmOmmm, come get Squishy, he's bothering us.

So, now it's LiL' J's turn. I finally gave in. I figured, what could go wrong? who am I kidding, a million and one things could go wrong The boy asked me, What do I do if I want to go to my house? And how long do you stay up?

Hmm, do I smell trouble?

To prove that he could be a good host he brought out a bowl of green grapes to snack on. He set aside Batman spegettios for the both of them. LiL' J never shares his Batman spegettios.

He makes me "
beautiful wunches" He's persuasive. He's charming. He's so darned cute.

All that aside, how could I say no to this sweet face?


I love getting to witness all these firsts. All except a few and I wont even think about those right now.

I'm still not used to how fast they all come. How did my baby Squishy get to be a five year old asking for sleepovers, already?