August 26, 2005


R's mom is here. She arrived Wednesday. She's cool. Her dog, not so cool. He bit at LiL' J's shirt the FIRST night he was here. After LiL' J started feeling OK enough to be around him and even pet him earlier.


OK so besides the fact I'm admitting I don't like her dog, ((Shhh) I'm also publicly admitting that R is way randy.

No, not R for Randy, he's Randy as in Australian randy. And did I mention his mom arrived Wednesday? That she's sleeping in our livingroom, which is below and to the opposite of our bedroom?

He's randy as in knock things off the dresser and hope you don't break something kind of randy. Throw me down and ravish me randy. Is it psychological? As in he's gonna have his way with a hot babe in his room and mom don't know about it?

Any theories?