August 05, 2005

Boobs for a Buck

Come on friends, show some love.

Stacie over at Mommy's Busy Take a Number shared her sister's blog, Hip Young Mom with me. Manda is apparently a reader and a fellow mom of an ADHD boy.

I had no idea
girl, but thanks Stacie for letting me know. Now I can give a shameless plug for these two fantabulous bloggers. I don't usually post about other bloggers often or readers, but it's for a good cause.

So, please go visit
Stacie and Manda's blog. They are blogging for a great cause and a charity that is close to my heart. I ended up sponsoring her.

I just lost my grandma to cancer this Janurary. When I found out they were blogging for
The American Cancer Society I knew I had to help out. They also lost their grandma last year to this dreaded disease.

If you're brave and a good sport, maybe you Want to see a boob for a buck? Come on now.. You know there's a naughty little part of you that wants to slip a dollar into her
bikini top.

And no, this is not some nasty site. I don't roll like that. Just a fun post from Stacie and a Hip Young Mom having some fun for a good cause.

Think about how hard her little man had to work to give her those nice melons. She's rightfully enjoying the perks of nursing. I remember my lovely milky bosoms. I want them back, only without the milk.

Surely you can spare one little dollar?

Just click on
Stacie and Manda's BLOGATHON 2005 button. It's easy, painless and you won't regret it. Click here to learn all about sponsoring.

Oh, and If you're a music lover and support music education then visit Daria . She's blogging for The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation

Hurry though, tomorrow's BLOGATHON 2005 so don't wait. I think you can sponsor through Tuesday.

Come on, be a do gooder.