August 03, 2005

What turns me on..

No, not that kind of turn on.

I've been tagged by Present Storm who rightfully shares my disdain of Big Brother's "Cappy" gang.

What are my top 10 turn ons and turn offs? (Non-sexual)

Turn Ons:

  1. Closeness with God
  2. Sound of The Husband's voice (w
  3. The Husband doing housework
  4. Photography
  5. Rainstorm- and the lingering smell of earth and water afterwards
  6. Smell of lilacs
  7. chocolate
  8. Pillow talk
  9. Good books-the kind where I forget the world around me
  10. Sleeping in
  11. *The woods of Leota, Michigan (I cheated with 11)

Turn Offs:

  1. Violence
  2. Litter boxes
  3. Hatred fueled by ignorance
  4. Drivers who STOP to make turns
  5. Hair in my food or mouth
  6. Smell of hamburger cooking
  7. Touchie feelie strangers all up in my space
  8. Papsmears
  9. Bad breath
  10. Phony people

Phew. Since I played I'm tagging Lost in Wisconsin, Misty, Ovedya, PureMood, GrandPoo, Jana and Christine.