August 13, 2005

Wisconsin State Fair

This year J didn't want to go and Snoo is grounded. Even though there were two less kids, which SHOULD mean less hassle, I missed them and it wasn't the same. Then my camera decides to have a stroke or something and I barely got any pictures. When I look through the lense everything is blurry and it's making some strange noise. As much as I want a new digital camera, I didn't want this one to DIE first. We'll see what happens. I did manage to get some pictures at last.

Some of you, who shall remain nameless, still need to be reminded to click on the photo for larger view. How many times do I have to tell you that? You know who you area. Ahem.

Fair sintuplets


Also known as the cream puff. Mmmm mmm good.

Mooch and Jake on the Herb Kohl's Cow

Jake & Mooch

Flavored milk for 25 cents. After moving here from San Diego, I couldn't understand why so many people wait in line for MILK. Now, it's a traditon and I must say, the root beer flavor rocks.


Sampling Milk

At 25 cents a cup, you can get TWO flavors. Or three, four... as some milk crazed cheesheads do. Mooch likes Cherry Vanilla and Chocolate.

This was the year of dysfunctional animals.

Roosters with anger management issues

Anger Management

Stoner Rabbits- Here its eyes are actually sort of open. I was tempted to buy it some doritos and twinkies.

Stoner bunny

Over eaters anonymous rabbits- it wouldn't stop eating

Over Eaters  Anonymous

OCD Bunny- This little thing kept washing its paws over, and over, and over, and over
I guess I would be too if I was sitting in a pile of my own crap.

OCD Bunny

Here are Mooch and Jake, doing what they do best, contracting germs

Contracting Germs

Jake feeding the fence

Feeding Baby Goats

A Friendly goat. I think it wants to be discovered and grace the cover of a farm magazine. I don't know if it was trying to smile at me or possibly eat my camera.

Feeding Baby Goats

Goat pillows. I wonder now, how do they decide who gets to be the pillow? What about the other goat? It has to sleep with its head in the air while the other one lays on its ass?

Goat Pillows

Jake finally gets his elephant ear. He patiently and politely askedwhined over and over for an elepant ear, then declared, "it tastes yucky." After taking this picture, from his expression I was worried he might try to eat my ears too.

Richard seemed grumpy, yet he kept saying I seemed grumpy. I actually wanted to leave him at the fair and take home a farm animal instead. Mooch had her moody moments and I just keep thinking it felt odd with only half the kids with us. Then my camera started acting up and I couldn't take street shots of the fair goers. The full set is

The 2005 State Fair is gone, but for now I love you drooling with the famous cream puff.

Wisconsin Cream Puff