August 18, 2005

A World Full of Freaks

I've been looking at my recent referrals today. How come so many sick freaks own computers these days? Some of you are pretty stupid too but I can't fault you for that I guess. People, you have left me with no choice. There is no other conclusion to explain your internet habits and the things you are looking for.

You're just a sick freak.

Let's face it. I know it and you know it too.

  • how to make breast milk sexy if your not pregnant
  • 12 year old that poops in her goodnites because the parents say so
  • loaded his pants
  • living waterfalls crack
  • mechanical s*x live models
  • me to go in my pants
  • pregnant at 12 what can i do?
  • woman in poopy diapers
  • goodnites dork
  • fotos of 13 year olds have s*x with virgin boy
I even left out the hardcore nasty referrals.

There's nothing here for you. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

But, I'm going to give you some advice before you leave.

First, go see someone and get your whack-ass thinking and hobbies in check. Right now. Or go move into a concrete box with no internet and semi-adequate ventilation. For a long time. Maybe forever.

So you had a bad childhood? Who didn't have a dysfunctional childhood to some degree? Get over it. The world's full of harmless, decent, albeit a little anxious and neurotic people in therapy so they can discover their as normal as the next person while the world's psychopaths are volunteering at church carnivals and driving school busses. And spending their work day searching for dirty, scumbag things. And the internet being what it is, both a blessing and a curse, brings some of you to me. I'm over it.

Second- Voluntter at the zoo cleaning up dung if you're so dang obsessed with sh**. Freak.

Third- Smash your computer. Go ahead. Take a hammer and just smash it to pieces. If might be fun. If not, -oh well -it will do all of us a favor. Anyone sitting around searching for freaky nasty-ass stuff like that should be denied access to a computer.

Instead try the library.

What a sight that would be. Can you imagine seeing somone walking up to the librarian and inquiring: Do you have any books for people that crap their pants on purpose and like to watch mechanical s*x live models while on waterfall crack? If it has a little kiddie smut and tips on making breast milk sexier that would be preferable.

What's that you said?

You mean you don't want to admit these things to anyone in public?

No, I didn't think so. Get Lost.