August 29, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

Its my birthday, its my birthday, its my birthday. I'm gonna' party like its my birthday. So, what are you bringing to the party? Whose covering music? Food? Entertainment. Mmmm, I want some cake.

Look at all these lovely birthday wishes I woke up to. I think the wonderful Storm sent them all over. Sneaky girl.

Then I see that guppy made this page with a fantabulous birthday card for me. Wow, I feel so loved and all this mush is going around. *sniff sniff*

I thank you all. It's so sweet you'd take the time to make my day full of yumminess. And I needed it since my inbox had an email for a plastic surgery consultation. Apparently since I was born back in the dinosaur age I'm starting to look like it as well? Oh, and they think I need a bigger penis? Fools.

I wonder if I'll get an email from crossfire about my free blue convertible? Now, that would be more like it.

THANK YOU EVERYONE. You all get a butterfly kiss.